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Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) South East Wales City Region provides a low-risk, comprehensive and supportive service for employers to grow their workforce by hiring an apprentice.

ATA works with employers to recruit – advertising, screening and selecting the right apprentice in partnership with the employer. We aim to remove the hassle and barriers for an employer that may be associated with hiring an apprentice, whilst providing a high quality apprenticeship experience for both employer and apprentice. Our supportive service sees us opening new avenues for apprenticeships in key sectors that have previously not existed.

Our main goal is to support the growth of individuals, employer workforces and the economy of our region - increasing high quality apprenticeship opportunities across South East Wales and beyond. 

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Grow your business. Develop your future workforce. Save time and money. 

Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) South East Wales City Region offers a low risk solution to growing your business, filling skills gaps and developing your future workforce.

We work with you to recruit the right person for your business – advertising, screening and selecting an apprentice. We then employ the chosen apprentice with the ATA undertaking the administrative and legal responsibility for their employment. As the host employer we then ‘hire’ that apprentice to you in return for an all-inclusive agreed monthly fee that covers all costs relating to the apprentice including their salary and national insurance.

Throughout the apprenticeship we are also the training provider – working hard to ensure both the apprentice and employer benefit from a high quality apprenticeship service. If your company is unable to offer a full apprenticeship to an individual, we look to find other employers who can partner with you on a shared apprenticeship.

Our model enables us to support employers, including micro businesses and SMEs, and priority sectors that have not traditionally offered apprenticeships – opening up more apprenticeship opportunities in our region.

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Train for a career. Find the right employer. Join ATA, earn and learn.

The Experience

At Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) South East Wales City Region we strive to provide a high quality apprenticeship experience for you.

We work hard to find the right match for apprentices and employers. All our apprenticeship vacancies are advertised on this website and any potential apprentice is welcome to apply.

Simple and Supportive

We work with an employer to recruit the right person – screening candidates and appointing the chosen apprentice with the employer.

Through your apprenticeship we are your central point of contact – paying you your salary on behalf of the employer and supporting you right through your training until the completion of your apprenticeship programme.


We work in partnership with employers to recruit the right person for each apprenticeship. All current apprenticeship vacancies are shown below.

Vacancies launching soon


Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) South East Wales City Region is a subsidiary of Cardiff and Vale College.

Cardiff and Vale College is already one of the leading providers of apprenticeships in Wales - selected by the Welsh Government as a lead contractor to manage and deliver apprenticeship training across the country. The College works with an established network of partners to support apprenticeships of almost 1,000 employers of all sizes across the region.


Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) South East Wales City Region

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